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Same Day Edit's Reaction Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is?
  • Same Day Edit: Or what we call SDE is the 3-6 minutes (creative and best parts) highlights film of the entire wedding day edited and screened for you and your evening guest on the wedding reception itself. Yes! it is possible! We will edit and screen a wonderful short film containing the highlights of the day from preparations, post ceremony up to the reception. The evening guests will be mesmerized, being able to see the most important part of the day, on the day itself!​

  • The Highlights Film: Beautifully edited 3-6 minutes short film of the entire wedding day.

  • The Feature Film: Comprehensive story of the wedding day told in a beautifully edited 15-18 minutes film.

  • Teaser: Beautifully edited Teaser film up to 60 seconds. Available to share within 2 weeks or less after the wedding.

  • ​​Full Speeches: A separate video file of the entire speeches from multiple camera angle.

  • ​​Full Ceremony: A Separate video file of the entire ceremony from multiple camera angle.

  • ​​Save The Date Video: A short film of your engagement shoot. We will have a 2-3 hours engagement session few weeks before the wedding day. The complete film will then be released online for you to share just before the big day.

  • ​​Aerial Drone Footage: A great addition to show some beautiful scenery and your venue from the sky. Provided by Morris a fully insured and A2CofC licensed drone pilot.

  • ​​Raw Footage: All unedited footage of the day in a Hard Drive.

How will you be involve in our wedding day?
  • As your wedding cinematographers we will film your wedding in relaxed journalistic style which means that we won't be giving directions in what to do or say on your wedding day. We'd let you be yourself and enjoy the company of the people you love around you. It's your wedding and we want you to enjoy your day as much as possible without the awkward feeling in posing in front of our cameras, unless you have some specific shots you'd like us to capture.

How many of you will be there?
  • Highlights and Feature package includes one videographer. If you add Same Day Edit to your package an editor will join the team (For best result, I recommend adding a second videographer for SDE). You can always add additional videographer if wish for additional cost.

Which area do you cover weddings?
  • We can cover all of the UK and if given a opportunity we can cover abroad too. All we ask is for our clients to cover our travel cost and on very rare occasion accommodation cost.

Do you film Destination weddings?
  • Yes we do! Contact us so we can discuss this great plan. 

Your Packages doesn't suit my needs? Can we have package made for our requirements?
  • Of course! We know every wedding is different so I am more than happy to create a personalized package to suit your needs. 

Why does it takes you so long to edit the video?
  • Our standard estimate turnaround time for completing the edit is 16 weeks from the wedding date. The actual editing itself doesn't take that long, however as we film a lot of weddings in few months period we quickly build up a backlog. We make every effort to deliver you the unique and best film you could ever wish for, something you will cherish and be proud of, this process may take days and weeks of editing. If you are looking a quick turnaround, I may not be the one you're looking for.

Do you choose the music?
  • Yes I do, please allow me to. We pick the music that will best suit to the story and the footage's that we already have. Also, we do pay for and license the music in our videos to be published online so that we are not violating the copyright property in respect of the artist who make them. But if you have any suggestions, I'm more than happy to listen.

Do you offer Photography?
  • No sorry we don't, It's a matter of expertise and this is what we are good at, however we know some awesome photographers around so if you are looking for one I can definitely recommend a great one.  

Great! How do I book you?
  • Once you have decided what you'd like to book with us, I will email you a quote and a contract to accept and E-sign using our online booking system. Once the quote has been accepted it will automatically generate a invoice for you to pay the non-refundable booking fee which is twenty percent (20%) of the total package price. 

Are you insured?
  • Yes we are, complete with public/product liability, professional indemnity and material damage insurance.