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It’s a hard world for a young couple trying to get a wedding put together and recorded properly. Lots of people will put out a shingle and call themselves a trained and qualified wedding videographer. That doesn’t mean they have the proper skills to do the job. And the last place a just-married couple wants to be is finding out this detail after the fact when the video taken is absolute garbage. It doesn’t have to be this way. MJ Motion Films has been providing quality wedding videos for couples and families for years. We bring the right skill, training and equipment to the job to get it done right the first time with high quality recording. That product is then gone over with expert editing software to turn it into a finished movie that you will cherish for years about your best day and event. That’s the big difference that makes MJ Motion Films in Wales UK always stand out.


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Options for wedding filming are plenty but what makes the perfect choice is the expertise involved. And good wedding videography is as much about the technical know-how as the social graces. A wedding video team that barrels in and gets everyone angry really becomes an embarrassment for the wedding party. It also can get the team thrown out if the person who happens to get angry with the behavior happens to be a minister or priest of the church the wedding is occurring in. Expertise in a wedding includes tact and understanding social norms to get the job done right. Anyone thinking they can ignore these issues usually ends up becoming a big problem on the special day. MJ Motion Films in Newport doesn’t ignore the value in social graces and carrying the team’s presence with tact. We won’t embarrass you as a wedding videographer South Wales mess. We’re too busy making a great video of your special day.


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