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Finding a good wedding videographer UK vendor can be a bit of a hassle. While lots of folks will say they can aim a camera, that doesn’t mean they produce a good film or video in the process. Holding and managing a good video of a special event like a wedding and keeping things steady as well as edited take skill. And that skill only comes with experience and time with a lot of events and learning from a lot of mistakes. If you’re dealing with an outfit that just started or doesn’t have a lot of placement and framing skills much less technical knowledge on holding a camera right, your special day isn’t going to be captured very well if at all. MJ Motion Films has been handling weddings, meetings, special events, graduations and more on a regular basis in Wales UK, providing folks quality videos and memories of their great day.


Wedding Videography Shouldn't be Left to Rookies


The art of recording a Newport wedding movie or wedding videography is often assumed to be something a rookie can handle pretty easily. That’s a mistake. While it is possible for an amateur with a natural eye to take really good wedding photos and still shots, taking a video is another matter entirely. Equipment, steady camera holding, framing and dealing with changing conditions all require good experience at management and still achieving the critical recording. Further, videos don’t just happen out of a camera. Editing is necessary to clip and stitch a video together properly with good placement, beginning and ending, credits and titles and more. This entire process requires multiple skills talent in photography, equipment handling, image editing software, and a sense of placement. Joe Average isn’t going to be able to duplicate this level of skill with his home digital camera. Don’t make the mistake of relying on him. Call MJ Motion Films in Wales UK instead to get your wedding recorded right the first time.


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