Wedding Videos

Wedding Videos Add a Real-Life Touch
to the Memories

Still life photography can produce some amazing images from weddings. Frame properly and with the right lighting and filters, they catch a moment when an entire story seems possible from looking at the image. But it’s all in the mind of the viewer. At the end of the day the photograph is just that, a snapshot and moment in time. A quality wedding video, on the other hand, allows a couple to relive that special event from beginning to end, including all the big moments and how folks reacted. In fact, many times videos capture folks and details that the couple might have missed being caught up in the wedding process. It’s like seeing and hearing another part of the story all over again. MJ Motion Films has a proven track records in producing great wedding photos for customers, often being referred by past clients to new ones. Give us a call to find out more, and let us show you how special we can make your wedding day.


Midlands Wedding Videographer on Short Notice


If you’re looking for an available Midlands wedding videographer who can provide a top quality portfolio of credentials and samples, as well as work with your event needs and details as opposed to becoming an obstacle in the middle of them, then you want to have a conversation with MJ Motion Films in Newport. We frequently get a good portion of our business through referrals because people are so happy with the service provided they strongly recommend us to friends also planning their wedding as well. Once you start working with us on your event planning and what our videography services can provide, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t call us in sooner. We make the whole wedding event far more fun and enjoyable and less stressful while creating your best memories on digital film, and with proper editing as well. Isn’t that the way everyone’s wedding should be?


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